Tonight, Phish returns to Madison Square Garden for the fourth and final night of their sold-out New Year’s run. With so many standout moments and creative jams, The World’s Greatest Arena should get the treatment of its life at Phish’s 2018 grand finale. Ahead of the celebration, Phish has shared two pro-shot videos.

Phish first shared video of “Meat” from their first show of the run on December 28th. Following a solid take on “The Wedge”, Mike Gordon led his bandmates into “Meat”. Friday night’s rendition of “Meat” was particularly slowed down and funky, with the band utilizing their rhythmic breakdowns as a creative outlet for Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell to bounce off of. Following a final segment of Page hammering away on his grand piano, the jam smoothly segued into “Ghost”, as Trey stared directly into the center of the venue’s ceiling with a deadly glare in his eyes.

Phish – “Meat” (Pro-Shot Video)

[Video: Phish]

The second pro-shot video Phish has released is the massive “Tweezer” > “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” > “Tweezer” sandwich that the band delivered on December 29th. Following the second set opening “Carini”, the quartet hopped into the opening riff of “Tweezer”. As fans always hope and expect, last night’s “Tweezer” got taken out for a serious ride, with the band pausing, giving their attentive crowd a chance to “woo.” Next, Anastasio and Gordon added some creative lyrical scatting, before Gordon rocked an earth-shattering bass solo.

“Tweezer’s” epic voyage continued pushing the bar higher, with Trey and Page tossing solos back and forth, continuing to build on each other’s quick-witted moves. The band slowed  the “Tweezer” jam down a few notches, incorporating a funky groove into the midst, before delivering their fourth Kasvot Växt song of the weekend with “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long”. There was no possibility of Phish’s energy being contained, as the band trucked forward, screaming out the recently debuted song’s chorus with tenacity and smiles all around. As Jon Fishman started to cackle and giggle, Trey leaned towards him exclaiming, “funk for the people Bob Weaver.” Trey continued to makes his rounds as he headed over to Mike, teasing him yelling out, “cactussssss, go catussss.”

Following some special improvisational treatment in “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long”, Anastasio led the way right back into “Tweezer”, breaking into free-flowing blissful territory. Kuroda continued to dazzle Madison Square Garden with his electrifying beams of light, tilting his spaceship of a rig from side-to-side.

Phish – “Tweezer” > “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” > “Tweezer” (Pro-Shot Video)

[Video: Phish]