After making a name in the music world photographing famous musicians with their beloved instruments for his first book, INSTRUMENTHEAD, photographer Michael Weintrob has announced a follow-up collection of intimate artist portraits entitled INSTRUMENTHEAD REVEALED.

For INSTRUMENTHEAD, Weintrob had artists pose with their faces covered by their instruments (hence the title). In some cases, the musicians or instruments themselves were iconic enough to be easily identified even with their faces covered. However, the photographer admits one of the comments he hears most often is, “I wish I could see their faces.”

In INSTRUMENTHEAD REVEALED, Weintrob lifts the veil of mystery and captures the bond between artists and their instruments (and their faces) in a new light.

“My intention has always been to capture the inseparable connection between these artists and their instruments,” Weintrob wrote. “What has also emerged on a personal level is honing my craft and developing my artistic voice. Over the last decade, I have been on the road showing this work through immersive art exhibitions and connecting with the public. I love seeing people’s reaction to the work and diving into conversations about the art. One of the comments I often hear is ‘I wish I could see their faces.’ Well you’re in luck…

“… INSTRUMENTHEAD REVEALED will present all the same musicians in the same order, but you can see their faces. The new book will become a key to the original, giving you a deeper more in-depth look at the scope of this work.”

On Monday, Weintrob presented photographs from his new work at a special exhibition at Exit/In in Nashville, TN. The event featured an artist conversation with Michael Weintrob, Peter Levin, and Maggie Rose hosted by journalist Craig Havighurst, as well as an acoustic performance by Maggie Rose. An all-star band made up of Victor Wooten, Keith Carlock, Jeff Coffin, and Nir Felder also performed, and Peter Levin & Friends topped off the lineup with a tribute to the music of Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers Band with Luther Dickinson, Lamar Williams, Jr., Jimbo Hart, Chad Gamble, and Audley Freed.

INSTRUMENTHEAD REVEALED is now available for pre-order on Michael Weintrob’s website, where it is currently on sale for $150. Prints of photographs from INSTRUMENTHEAD are also available starting at $50, with larger, limited-run prints reaching $2,500. View photos from the launch and exhibition at Nashville’s Exit/In, courtesy of Keith Griner, below.