Chicago-based progressive jam band Mungion stopped into Soundcheck Studios in Pembroke, MA for jam-packed performance on Friday, April 15th.

The quartet featuring Justin Reckamp on guitar, Joe Re on keyboards, Grant Martin on bass, and Nick Van Leer on drums is known for its ambitious compositions and high-energy improvisation. The band received critical acclaim for its 2016 debut album, Scary Blankets, and 2018’s Ferris Wheel’s Day Off, and the band has continued to make a name for itself in the jam scene with an endearing blend of personality and musical prowess. Mungion’s sense of humor comes across not just in the group’s sometimes silly lyrics and stage gags, but also in the music itself, which displays a playfulness despite its sophistication.

Mungion is currently on tour with upcoming shows in Buffalo and Ithaca, NY and festival appearances at Some Kind Of Jam, Summer Camp Music Festival, Gathering At Chaffee’s, Moondance Music Festival, Cowpie Music Festival, and Birds of a Feather.

Check out photos from Mungion’s show at soundcheck Studios in Pembroke, MA on April 15th, courtesy of Duncan Goel, below. For more information and to purchase Mungion tickets, visit the band’s website.