Anyone who’s ever played the waiting game when using public mass transit knows very well the kind of adventurous spirit needed to pass the time, especially in lonely train stations. That was just the case for about 100 or so classic rock fans in Ireland recently, as a large group of awaiting passengers helped belt out the lyrics to Pink Floyd‘s 1975 psych-rock ballad, “Wish You Were Here” at a Dublin train station. The impromptu performance was captured by a bystander and shared across the Internet.

The four-minute performance video was uploaded to Facebook by an international Pink Floyd fan account and starts in showing a pair of elderly busking guitar players playing the opening riffs to the popular song. The audio coming from their small guitar amplifier sounds impressively clear considering a majority of Ireland’s train stations weren’t originally designed with acoustic-friendly aesthetics.

Curious passengers awaiting their train are seen hanging around and subtly dancing alongside the two guitarists as the men riff away at the classic rock anthem. The fun really begins once the lyrics come in around the video’s 1:15-minute mark, which is sung by nearly everyone in attendance at the pop-up performance.

The entire moment captured via mobile device can be watched in the video below.

Some folks can be seen holding their camera up like the foolish millennials they are, while the older, real rock fans simply enjoy the moment for what it is while the song echoes throughout the dreary station.

It’s almost hilariously ironic how they all sing out the lyrics to “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” while hanging in a place where folks mindlessly keep themselves entertained while waiting for a train to arrive. Anyone who has ever experienced city-based mass transit knows the feeling all too well.

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This new viral video sure is fun, and it hopefully brings a smile to the faces of Pink Floyd fans over in Europe. Let us always remember, however, that for every bright moment in Pink Floyd lore also comes a darker memory, specifically the time when the band’s inflatable pig escaped and terrorized England back in 1977.