Pink Floyd has launched a new evolving playlist that will feature daily uploads of unheard and under-appreciated songs. The playlist, titled ‘Syd, Roger, Richard, Nick and David’ after the band’s members, launched on Friday.

The playlist has already seen the debut of a live rendition of “Us and Them” taken from the group’s November 16th, 1974 performance at London’s Empire Pool. Additionally, the band has released rare studio cuts of the Syd Barrett tune “Bike”, as well as “Green Is The Colour” from the band’s soundtrack to the film More.

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In an official announcement on Pink Floyd’s Facebook page, the band stated that the goal is to “build into the perfect playlist to help you navigate these challenging times.” The playlist, updated daily, will include a mix of well-known hits along with overlooked B-sides. Additionally, every Friday will feature a previously-unavailable upload for the band’s massive Immersion archival box sets project from 2011. That collection of unreleased music stretches all the way back to 1966 with some of the group’s earliest demos, and features live and studio cuts that have never made it onto digital platforms.

This coming Friday (May 29th) will see an alternate version of the Wish You Were Here classic “Have a Cigar” uploaded to the playlist. The following Friday (June 5th) will feature a live performance of “Any Color You Like” from the same 1974 Empire Pool concert that “Us and Them” came from. The week after that (June 12th) the band will upload a demo version of “Run Like Hell” from the 1979 concept album The Wall. Then on June 19th, the band will share an early mix of “Money” from Dark Side of the Moon. Presumably, the band will continue to release more Immersion tracks, but those are all of the ones Pink Floyd had announced thus far.

Listen to the Pink Floyd ‘Syd, Roger, Richard, Nick and David’ playlist, featuring live cuts, rarities, and unreleased music.

Pink Floyd — ‘Syd, Roger, Nick and David’

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