2016 is the year of innovation, and Pizza Hut just proved that with their new high-tech pizza box. The fast food giant teamed up with electronics company Novalia, and together they’ve created a functioning turntable pizza box. That’s right, a pizza box that actually plays music.

Using conductive ink, Novalia printed two scratchable decks and controls for playback, pitch, volume, and crossfading right onto the serving apparatus. Even more, you can recycle that battery-powered box right into your computer or phone using Bluetooth, then connect it to any DJ software for it to become your newest source for entertainment. 

According to Exclaim, exact details of the product’s rollout will be revealed on Twitter. For now, the boxes will only be available at a few select locations in the UK. So fingers crossed this strange, but wonderful invention expands to the other side of the pond.

For now, here’s an instructional video on the new technology: