Baltimore-based funk outfit Moody Moose finds itself in a unique position at the moment. With no concerts planned for the coming summer months due to the nationwide live music shutdown, MacRae Collie (Guitar/Vocals), JC Senatore (Keyboard/Vocals), Colin Sheehan (Bass), and Jason Heilbrunn (Drums/Vocals) arrive at the party with new material in tow, giving music fans a chance to get acquainted with them while they remain sequestered for the time being.

Moody Moose, which reformed back in 2016 after taking a break to attend their respective universities, now arises from the unknown and onto the radar of funk fans with its debut original single, “What You Wanted”, which premieres exclusively today here on Live For Live Music.

As the band explained, the new single “has a crunchy, funk-rock feel to it, with an improv section that’s further explored during live shows. The lyrics of the song can be interpreted as a conversation with one’s own muse.”

“What You Wanted” certainly delivers on the aforementioned crunchy, funk-rock vibe. Clocking in at more than five minutes in length, the track opens with a bluesy-rock guitar riff which acts as the spark to ignite the song’s energy into a groovy blaze. Collie’s firm vocals bounce through the mix as the rest of the band charges along toward a climactic guitar solo. Collie’s tone doesn’t stand alone, however, as Senatore’s organ rings out to set a wonderful counter foundation to the main guitar hooks.

Escape the burdens of quarantine life and dive into the debut original single from Moody Moose on the streaming platform of your choice here. You can also listen via YouTube below:

Moody Moose – “What You Wanted”

[Video: Moody Moose]

Moody Moose may not have any shows coming up, but fans should still follow the band’s Facebook and Instagram pages for updates throughout the spring and heading into the summer, as more new music is surely on the horizon from the upstart act.