Experimental indie soloist Tree Theater has released a new video for his latest single, “Moving Slowly”, out today. Founded and manned by Will Carter, “Moving Slowly” premieres exclusively via Live For Live Music as the second single to appear on the producer’s forthcoming studio album, Sol, due out this summer.

Carter released his third studio album, Haven at the start of the new year, which featured 12 new recordings inspired by his travels around the world and the different walks of people he met on his journey. Just a short three months later, Carter released the new single “Silk Sunrise” as a preview for what fans can expect to hear on the summer studio album.

“Moving Slowly” begins with a slow piano melody before a beat drop takes listeners on a sonic, sultry journey through electro soundscapes, incorporating the essence of nature’s own musical makers of animals and environment systems.

Carter partnered with filmmaker Alex Diaz to illustrate the new track’s artistic vision and to stimulate new thoughts and ideas to listeners derived the song’s relaxing melody. Diaz captures Carter’s chill-hop, jazzy tunes into a visionary work of art for fans to watch and journey them through a state of reflection, having already produced videos for songs on Haven, along with the previously released tracks, “Blossom” and “Silk Sunrise”.

“I wanted to make a song that creates an environment for the listener’s thoughts, something beautiful but simple enough to leave space for reflection,” Carter mentioned in a statement about “Moving Slowly”. “The film has the same effect and takes it even further with minimal but elegant imagery.”

Watch the new nature-inspired video in full below.

Tree Theater – “Moving Slowly”

[Video: Tree Theater]

Fans can stream “Moving Slowly” here and via the Spotify player below. Follow Tree Theater on Instagram here, and Alex Diaz on Instagram here to stay up-to-date on new music releases.