On April 21st, beloved R&B sensation Prince lost his life at the age of 57. While there has been much speculation about a drug overdose in the days since his death, fans have been holding out for an official analysis from an autopsy report.

Today, that news came in the form of an official report to the Associated Press, where a law enforcement official working the case has confirmed the cause of death was indeed an opioid overdose. As of now, it remains unclear what the opioids were treating, as two doctors have been investigated in connection with Prince’s death.

One was Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg, who treated Prince twice in the weeks before his death. He prescribed medications for the singer, but the names of those medications remain undisclosed. The second was Dr. Howard Kornfield, an addiction specialist who was brought in on April 20th to help Prince. Unfortunately, despite trying to ease the symptoms of withdrawals, the opioid overdose proved fatal to the Purple One.

Regardless of how he died, Prince will always be remembered for his true devotion to crafting and performing music. RIP Prince.