A recent improvisational performance between guitarist Scott Metzger, bassist Jeff Hill, and percussionist Tony Leone will appear on a forthcoming album, Sounds from the Bardo, Vol. II (Live from Judson Memorial Church), scheduled to arrive on Bandcamp on Friday, February 5th.

The one-hour performance between the three musicians was recorded inside the Manhattan church this past November, and will be sandwiched between guided “Going Out” and “Coming Back” meditations narrated by Jessica Angima. The immersive listening experience is the latest edition of the Sounds From The Bardo series, produced by New York City psychedelic collective Psychedelic Sangha which offers spiritual-arts programming and peer-to-peer support for integrating and exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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The multi-media collection will also include a full-length light show produced by Bubba Ayoub and two improvisational bonus recordings of the trio’s soundcheck.

According to the press release announcement, the trio embarked on their improvisational endeavor with no real roadmap on where they wanted the music to go. Rather, the only guidelines the musicians set for themselves heading into the performance were that they keep the music’s dynamics to a “whisper,” the music must remain a constant presence throughout the meditation, while also moving rhythmically and maintaining a sense of forward motion.

“What was great about performing in this context is that the audience was all meditating, ie, practicing stillness,” Leone said of the performance featured on the album. “The only sense being used was their sense of hearing. In a setting so quiet, and with an audience so quiet and NOT sitting and staring at us, it allowed us to really keep our ears and consciousness open to whatever was happening in the moment. It allowed for listening by all on a pretty deep level.”

Thursday’s release also included four video trailers featuring audio from the performance along with Ayoub’s light show visuals. Watch the four teaser videos below.

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. II – Teaser 1

[Video: Psychedelic Sangha]

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. II – Teaser 2

[Video: Psychedelic Sangha]

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. II – Teaser 3

[Vidoe: Psychedelic Sangha]

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. II – Teaser 4

[Video: Psychedelic Sangha]

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