“Couch tour” is a beautiful thing. Even if you can’t make it out to your favorite band’s shows, more and more acts have started offering live streams of their concerts, bringing the party to your living room. However, more often than not, these streams are hosted on proprietary platforms, making it annoyingly difficult to enjoy the streams as seamlessly as you can with the native apps on ever-popular “over-the-top” streaming hardware like AppleTV and Roku. After all, who wants to stream a show on their laptop while their living room TV and sound system stares at them, unused?

Victims of this pesky “first-world problem” have some big news to get excited about today: premiere live streaming service nugs.tv (known for hosting the “couch tour” for bands such as Phish, Metallica, and Dead & Company) has announced a partnership with Qello Concerts, the leading worldwide streaming service for on-demand concert films. The new alliance will allow music fans to watch live music events in real time, as well as stream thousands of on-demand full-length concerts and music documentaries on the entire multi-platform suite of Qello Concerts apps. Eureka!

Qello Concerts has created a single sign-on authentication that allows users to log into Qello Concert with their nugs.tv account information and access live streams through Qello’s native applications, which include nearly every connected device worldwide: Apple TV (legacy and new), tvOS, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, all iOS and Android mobile devices, the web, and more. A full list of Qello/nugs-capable devices can be found here.

“With Qello we’re extending the reach of nugs.tv beyond the nugs.net app” explains nugs.net Founder and CEO Brad Serling. “The typical Qello user is the perfect audience for what we’ve been doing live on nugs.tv.”

Qello Concerts co-founder and CRO Rich Johnson explains, “the natural evolution for Qello Concerts was always to offer music fans the ability to not only watch our deep collection of concert films on-demand, but to also have access to stream concerts live.” Johnson continues, “With the new live authentication feature, music content producers can now leverage our global app suite to get their amazing content into millions of living rooms around the world and in front of the most passionate live music fans.”

This new tech collaboration spells good news for live music fans, offering them the ability to enjoy more premium live music content in an unprecedentedly seamless manner. Qello and nugs.tv first partnered to stream the four-day 2016 Lockn’ Music Festival that included Phish, My Morning Jacket, Ween, Phil Lesh, and more.

The nugs.tv integration begins to rollout across Qello Concerts apps today on the legacy Apple TV and Android TV; all other platforms will be enabled by the end of November. Users who purchased a live event from nugs.tv can log in to any Qello Concerts app with their nugs.tv login information and enjoy the live shows under the “Live” tab within the Qello Concerts apps.