We saw the name first on the Jam Cruise 2017 lineup announcement: Reed Mathis Presents Electric Beethoven (ft. Jay Lane, Todd Stoops, Clay Welch), it read, then nothing came of it again until this week. In the wee hours of yesterday’s morn, a Facebook page was born with the caption “History is about to repeat itself. Stay tuned.” Then a picture of Reed Mathis surfaced, followed by one of Jay Lane (“Primus, Ratdog… Electric Beethoven”). Thirteen hours passed until a link to Reed Mathis’s website was posted with the following message: 

Mathis’s website introduces the new project as “the world’s first classical dance music project.” CDM!

Today’s reveal presents nearly a minute of audio teasers over an Instagram photo of a very giddy Joe Russo:

With the promise of “daily reveals,” we’ll be sure to keep scoping out the premises. So far we really like where this is going. Stay tuned for more hints on what Mathis and the gang have in store!