Getting a straight answer from a politician can often times be like turning water into wine. It simply cannot be done.

As the New Hampshire primaries approach tomorrow and candidates are making their last pleas to the Granite State’s electorate, non-profit organization HeadCount is on the ground in New Hampshire promoting voting participation and talking to residents about music and politics.

Phish’s Jon Fishman To Play Bernie Sanders Voter Concert In NH Tonight

In a short video posted by HeadCount set against the soundtrack of “Big Wheel” by Cass McCombs and “Syncopated Healing” by Twiddle, Republican presidential candidate, professional fear monger and seasoned question side-stepper Ted Cruz was asked what his favorite musician was. A simple question. Cruz snickered in the Nixonian way he does, passing on the straight-forward prompt and avoiding an answer.

Perhaps he didn’t want to offend sections of the electorate with a poor taste in sounds, but this should remind voters everywhere that Ted Cruz is the same candidate who told CBS This Morning back in March of 2015 that he stopped listening to rock music after 9/11 because he didn’t like how “rock music responded,” instead choosing to listen to country music because it resonated with him.

Watch HeadCount’s video below. Cruz enters briefly around the 2:24 mark.