Shit just got real for Rick Ross. The rapper, famous for fabricating a life of gangbanging in order to further his own career, was forced to cancel upcoming shows in Charlotte due to threats from actual gangsters. It is somewhat remarkable that Ross has essentially faked a life of drugs, guns, and money so much, that he is now actually involved with his real life equivalent.

Apparently, though it is not yet confirmed, Ross was forced to cancel the upcoming shows due to threats from a street gang known as the ‘Gangster Disciples’. The gang is upset that Ross used the gang’s signature six-point star on the cover of his latest mixtape, and the mention of their jailed leader, Larry Hoover, in his hit song ‘BMF (Blowin Money Fast)’. Members of the gang recently posted a YouTube video warning the rapper to stay out of Charlotte.

Again, this has not been confirmed by Ross’ camp yet, it just seems to connect. To me, I think this is hilarious. The guy raps all day about being a boss, and the runs away when some real gangsters post a YouTube video. Man up, sir. Man up.