UPDATE [Wednesday, 12/19]: Fuchs returned to Jeopardy on Tuesday to successfully defend her ongoing run as Jeopardy! champion, bringing her total winnings over the three episode span to an impressive $58,689. One of the questions she reportedly answered correctly during Tuesday’s episode included identifying pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen‘s breakout hit, “Call Me Maybe”. Fuchs will return to the show to defend her title on Wednesday night.

Jackie Fox was once the bass player for The Runaways from 1975-1977. Today, she goes by Jackie Fuchs, a Los Angeles-based lawyer and writer who also happens to have collected a wide range of knowledge since her years in a rock and roll band. She’s so knowledgeable today, in fact, that she’s earned up to $34,089 in winnings after her second appearance on Jeopardy! on Monday night.

Fuchs isn’t quite up to Ken Jennings‘ level in terms of her financial and pop-cultural success on the trivia show just yet, but after two winning episodes on Friday and Monday night, respectively, she is once again making her way into headlines thanks to her rock and roll past.

Fuchs initially joined The Runaways as a 15-year-old in 1975 while in Los Angeles studying mathematics at UCLA. That formal education has certainly paid off (literally) as her knowledge enabled her to win $14,200 during Friday’s episode with categories ranging from “Law Practice” to “Celebrities”. Two of the questions from Friday’s episode even touched on a pair of contemporary music artists including The B-52’s and SZA. Fuchs won an additional $19,889 on Monday’s episode.

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Fuchs’ ongoing run as the champion on Jeopardy! is not the first time she has made an appearance on a television game show. Fuchs appeared as a contestant on The Dating Game back in 1980, and was featured on The Chase in 2013. She also took home a respectable prize of $1,000 from her appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire back in 2013, leading to the question–which music fan is doing the casting on all these game shows?

Jackie appeared on a few Runaways’ albums during her time with the band, including Queens of Noise (1976) and Live In Japan (1977), as well as the 1980 outtakes compilation, Flaming Schoolgirls.

Fans can keep track of Fuchs’ ongoing run on Jeopardy! by following along with the show’s “Contestant Zone” page on its website.

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