The Motet guitarist Ryan Jalbert has released a new, self-titled EP under the moniker Jalbatross.

Jalbatross marks the first the first solo record for Jalbert, who has honed his chops freelancing with various artists and tours for years while also writing, recording, and touring full time with The Motet since 2005. When the pandemic forced him to take time off the road, he got busy writing new music. As the lockdown came to an end, he found himself with a batch of original material that was ripe for release.

As Jalbert reflected in June ahead of the album’s first single, which coincided with his 40th birthday, “Last year as I rounded 39, I made up my mind that I couldn’t hit the big 4-0 having not reached a personal goal of writing and producing an album of original music and doing it with one of my absolute favorite drummers of all time, my brother Colin [Jalbert]. After combing through a big batch of music that I had recorded from home during the pandemic, I booked a couple days in the studio and recruited two of my best buddies to fill out the quartet – my lifelong pal and low-end maestro Tim Philpott (bass) and my dear bandmate and funk machine Joey Porter (keys).”

He continued, “I sent out demos, we got Colin out to Denver, did a day of rehearsals and we went in and cut 6 songs in 2 days. We all played together, tracked to tape and we made a record. I’m really looking forward to sharing the 6 song Jalbatross EP later this summer but for now I can celebrate my 40th lap knowing I hit my goal – my album is in the bag and ready to rip.”

The result is an enthralling collection of material that makes optimal use of both Jalbert and his band’s time-tested abilities and the analog gear and vintage tones with which it was recorded. Now, Jalbatross has been released into the wild for all fans of deep, funky pockets, meditative melodies, and catchy, dancefloor-ready grooves to appreciate. Listen to the full EP on the platform of your choice here or stream it below.

Jalbatross – Jalbatross – Full EP