Phish just wrapped up a New Year’s Eve performance at Madison Square Garden, elaborately choreographing dancers, robotic umbrellas and more to the music of “Petrichor,” “Auld Lang Syne” and “Suzy Greenberg.” Though the stunt has been unfortunately met with mixed reactions, anyone in attendance was fully amazed by the theatrics that accompanied the music.

The display was orchestrated by David Gallo Design, a company that specializes in these types of immersive experiences. According to the company’s page, the plans took a total of nine months to put together! For a frame of reference, the album featuring “Petrichor” – Big Boat – was only released in October.

Sufficed to say, this “Petrichor” performance has been in the works for a long time. That would explain why the band played the piece five times during a 13-date fall tour; practice makes perfect!

Gallo also shared some fun behind the scenes sketches, models, storyboard arcs and more from the planning phases of the arrangement, paired with photos that we published by Jeremy Scott Photography. Check it out below!

You can also watch the full video, below.