Earlier this summer, SiriusXM radio launched a limited-run Phish Radio station including a special program dubbed “Ask Trey”, the channel’s centerpiece segment in which guitarist Trey Anastasio responded to questions from fans in a conversation with program host Ari Fink.

Today, SiriusXM‘s Jam_ON channel has announced another round of “Ask Trey”, and is once again encouraging fans to submit their burning questions for Big Red. Fans have the chance to ask the Phish guitarist absolutely anything by submitting questions via email to asktrey@siriusxm.com between now and Tuesday, November 13th. The answers will be broadcast live at a later date.

In August, SiriusXM shared a video clip from their “Ask Trey” session about the origins of quintessential Phish composition “You Enjoy Myself”, often referred to by its initials, YEM.

As Trey explained, “We went to Europe to play street music, we were nineteen… The whole summer we were buskers, me and [Jon Fishman] when he still had that crazy long hair.” When asked what the setlist for their street performances was like, Trey responded: “It was parts, bits and pieces of what became ‘You Enjoy Myself’ and ‘Harry Hood’.” The story unfolded as Trey recalled crafting the various musical segments which eventually became the composed sections of YEM.

He also shed some light on the inspiration for the song’s light-hearted title. “There was this guy we were hanging with, we just met him on the street and would just hang out for hours. He was Italian and barely spoke English at all, but we were laughing. One day we were walking around right near the Uffizi Museum, and he had one arm around me and one around Fishman, and he says, [in a thick Italian accent], “You know, when I am with you, you enjoy myself!” Watch Trey discuss the origins of “You Enjoy Myself” below:

Trey Anastasio on the Origins of “You Enjoy Myself”

[Video: SiriusXM]