Legendary stoner metal trio Sleep will reissue its swan song Dopesmoker with a little extra dope by way of new vinyl LPs containing actual cannabis leaves. New physical copies of the band’s magnum opus recorded in 1996 hit shelves on Friday via Third Man Records. Along with the vinyl release, the album will finally be available across streaming platforms.

In addition to a standard black vinyl version of Dopesmoker, fans can also get their hands on the “Weedian Hi-Fi” version which contains “pure, unadulterated, authentic cannabis leaves” from Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis encapsulated in PVC. Those who want the pure dope will have to show up to Third Man Records’ brick-and-mortar store on Canfield Street in Detroit on Friday to pick up the limited edition wax in person. Pre-orders for the standard black vinyl also begin on Friday.

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Dopesmoker‘s long and winding road to mass dissemination finally ends on Friday after nearly a quarter of a century. The band originally recorded the work in 1996 for London Records who, when informed that it was actually just an hour-long song, refused to release it. The label made various edits and cuts to the project that the band rejected, a disagreement that ultimately led to the group’s breakup shortly thereafter.

In 1998—after original members Al Cisneros (bass, vocals), Matt Pike (guitar), and Chris Hakius (drums) had already gone their separate ways—the group released Jerusalem as a bootleg of the mammoth track. The bootleg version received an official release the next year, and in 2003 the band officially released the original recording of Dopesmoker via Tee Pee Records.

This latest reissue of Dopesmoker further cements Sleep’s relationship with Jack White‘s label which also released the band’s acclaimed 2018 comeback record, The Sciences. The Third Man version will also include “Hot Lava Man”, a track that did not appear on the original physical version or digital release.

Pre-order the vinyl reissue of Dopesmoker here and stream “Hot Lava Man” below.

Sleep – “Hot Lava Man”

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