Spafford had a little gas left in the tank on Thursday following the band’s show in Asheville, with several band members making a surprise appearance with a local Phish cover band. The sit-in with The Lumpy Heads came after Spafford’s headlining show at The Orange Peel.

Spafford just hit the road for its winter tour on Wednesday, beginning with a sold-out heater in Charlotte. The rigors of the road are not wearing on the band just yet, with the Arizona quartet laying down two funk-filled sets at The Orange Peel in Asheville the following night. As Spafford wrapped up its show, The Lumpy Heads were just starting the latest installment of their weekly residency at The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall.

Midway through the second set, The Lumpy Heads made room for guitarist Brian Moss, bassist Jordan Fairless, and drummer Nick Tkachyk. Absent was newly-minted Spafford keyboardist Cory Schectman, whose leave allowed Lumpy Heads keyboardist Hannah Ramsey the chance to retain her position and perform “Wolfman’s Brother” with Spafford. Though the stage was a bit smaller than The Orange Peel and the gear not their own, the members of Spafford were able to re-adapt to the small club environment that gave them their start. While Ramsey and the One Stop crowd showered applause on the members of Spafford, Tkachyk and his bandmates were sure to heap their praise on the keyboardist.

“Getting to play with the Spafford guys was quite a treat!” Ramsey told Live For Live Music “It truly goes to show the great sense of community within this music scene and all getting to celebrate music we love and sharing that with others is the greatest gift of being a musician.”

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Watch Brian Moss, Jordan Fairless, and Nick Tkachyk of Spafford sit in on “Wolfman’s Brother” with Phish cover band The Lumpy Heads in Asheville (starts at 1:55:30).

The Lumpy Heads – The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall – Asheville, NC – 1/12/23

[Video: Iam AVL]