That special time of year has come once again when Spotify sends out its annual “Spotify Wrapped” playlist to show users their listening habits over the past year.

This year, in addition to the normal “Spotify Wrapped” playlist, the streaming platform also allowed users to examine what the last ten years of listening have included with a “Decade Wrapped” initiative as well. This showed users how much, or little, their music tastes have changed over the decade since the streaming platform first arrived in the U.S. in the summer of 2011.

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As the decade starts to come to a close, Spotify has also debuted its own new, original podcast, The Decade Wrapped, where host Eric Eddings examines the trends that defined music over the past decade. From Beyoncé to One Direction, from “Gangnam Style” to “Despacito”, Eddings and a series of guests ranging from critics, comedians, and writers will examine the music that made the 2010s.

The launch of The Decade Wrapped comes as Spotify’s latest push to break into the burgeoning podcast market. Recently, the app has launched numerous avenues to promote podcasts and its publishers, such as including users’ podcast listening habits to feature on their yearly Spotify wrapped.

The first three episodes arrived Monday, (December 16th) in the U.S., while the rest will arrive daily over the course of the week, says Spotify. The full descriptions of the shows are here on Spotify’s site.

Listen to the first episode of The Decade Wrapped podcast below.

The Decade Wrapped — “2010: The Rise of Nicki Minaj”