Last week, the digital streaming service Spotify launched a brand-new feature that allows you to send songs directly to your friends using iMessage, the default messaging application for most Apple products. With the new app, users can search the site’s full catalog of music for a specific song, then send a 30-second preview of the song to a friend that also includes an album image, song title, and artist information.

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Here’s how it works. People who already have Spotify’s iOS app installed can switch on the new iMessage app from the iMessage App Store. Once activated, users can start sending friends songs directly by opening a new iMessage, pressing the app icon, and then selecting the Spotify logo to open the stream service’s new iMessage app. After finding the song you want to send via the search bar, you can tap a button to copy the song, then paste the preview into the iMessage. Recipients can either listen to the 30-second preview from iMessage or click on the song itself, which will open the track on the Spotify app so it can be heard in full.

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