It’s no secret that going “on tour” is a livelihood that Phish fans can relate to. There aren’t many bands out there that inspire you to get in your car and drive hundreds of miles to see…multiple times a year. Well, Vivid Seats decided to crunch some numbers in their database and put a scale to the median distance that ticket-buyers travel for a concert experience. 

With Phish fans coming in first place, with a median of 152.3 miles, Garth Brooks, One Direction, and Adele came after. There is an obvious difference between the median of distance traveled by Phish fans versus the rest of this list. There is also an obvious difference between Phish fans and fans of Garth Brooks, One Direction, and Adele. Go figure!

The graphic below shows the median distance traveled per order for each artist since Jan 1, 2012. Imagine what this might have looked like in the 1960’s!


Fan Concert Travel