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Stranger Things Announces Highly Awaited Season 2 Soundtrack Release, Shares First Song [Listen]

As soon as Netflix‘s smash mystery/thriller series Stranger Things was released in the summer of 2016, it became a cultural sensation. The 80’s craze that it sparked has catalyzed a renewed wave of nostalgia for the era and its “relics,” including cassette tapes. The the cast of lovable young misfits won the hearts of the American public. And, of course, the soundtrack was incredible, and had the TV and music worlds buzzing for months after its release.

‘Stranger Things’ Is Releasing Its Soundtrack On Cassette, And It’ll Be Sold Exclusively At Urban Outfitters (Obviously)

One of the biggest aspects of season one of Stranger Things and its nostalgic aesthetic was the synth-heavy intro song, and the soundtrack as a whole. The season 1 soundtrack, featuring the music of Kyle Dixon and S U R V I V E, was given a special nostalgic tape cassette release was released in two volumes, and both were released on red cassette in addition to the vinyl box set released earlier this year and the digital streaming services they’re already available on. Each tape continued to riff off the aesthetic of the show, with blood red cassettes, cases that are fashioned to look like VHS tapes (remember those?), and covers of the Strangers Things artwork that play off of the popular poster motifs that informed the promotional artwork of some of our favorite movies from the 80’s. It was also sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters–because, of course it was.

On Thursday, ahead to the drop of season 2 on Netflix on October 27th, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein announced the coming release of the season 2 soundtrack. It’s out digitally on October 20 via Invada and Lakeshore. CD, vinyl, and cassette releases are forthcoming. The composers (of the band S U R V I V E) have also shared a new song from the show.

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Check out “Walkin’ in Hawkins,” as well as the soundtrack’s artwork and track list below via Lakeshore Records’ SoundCloud:

The Stranger Things craze even crept into the jam band scene last year. The String Cheese Incident based their Halloween theme set, “Stringier Things,” around the show and its 80’s vibe. Several groups, like The Main Squeeze and Jaden Carlsen, also coved the show’s theme song at shows.

The wait for new episodes is coming to an end soon! Season 2 of Stranger Things will be released in its entirety on the streaming service on October 27th. The show released a trailer for the upcoming season 2 in honor of the spooky day that will be upon us tomorrow: Friday the 13th (when they will share yet another trailer). Watch the Stranger Things season 2 promo below:

Stranger Things Season 2 Soundtrack Tracklist:

01 Walkin’ in Hawkins
02 Home
03 Eulogy
04 On the Bus
05 Presumptuous
06 Eight Fifteen
07 The First Lie
08 Scars
09 I Can Save Them
10 Descent Into the Rift
11 Chicago
12 Looking for a Way Out
13 Birth / Rescue
14 In the Woods
15 Digging
16 Symptoms
17 Eggo in the Snow
18 Soldiers
19 Choices
20 Never Tell
21 She Wants Me to Find Her
22 Shouldn’t Have Lied
23 It’s a Trap
24 Crib
25 The Return
26 Escape
27 We Go Out Tonight
28 Connect the Dots
29 The Hub
30 On Edge
31 What Else Did You See?
32 Run
33 Levitation
34 To Be Continued

[h/t – Pitchfork]