Taraleigh Weathers is a live music fan, journalist, social media influencer, and self-help guru who has dedicated her life to inspiring, entertaining, and helping others. Her popular workshops that teach other music lovers how to beat the “post-show blues” and live with intention, vulnerability, and authenticity have made her a staple of the festival scene and beyond. This year, she expanded her reach, publishing How To Rock Your Life: Maintain The Magic Of Live Music In Your Everyday Experience.

As the book promises:

Filled with entertaining, laugh-out-loud, inspiring, and vulnerable stories, been-there-done-that advice, playful exercises, and many references to Phish and the Grateful Dead, How to Rock Your Life will guide you to maintain the live music magic in your everyday experience. Just like you do when your favorite band is performing, Taraleigh will show you how you can channel the wildest expression of your authentic self on a daily basis, feel those unique music festival feels at home, and find the magic in even the most mundane and uncomfortable of situations. She’ll prove to you that it is indeed possible to surrender to the flow of the present moment before, during, and after the show.

While Weathers has gained a cult following among some music fans for her down-to-earth and positive, life-affirming advice, she has also earned the support of big names in the music industry, such as Dead & Company bassist Oteil Burbridge, who also wrote the foreword to her new book. As he describes, “The creative power of intention, visualization, prayer, hoping, loving, listening, letting go, being honest with yourself, curiosity, openness, patience, action, quietude, and forgiveness is boundless. Taraleigh sees this so clearly and teaches it in this book.”

Similarly, Jay Blakesberg, the iconic Grateful Dead photographer and author of Hippie Chick, endorsed her work, noting, “Taraleigh radiates positive energy, and a sense of wonder while embracing the endless possibilities each new day brings!”

Since the book’s publication in February of this year, Weathers has been on a promotional book tour, traveling the country and sharing some of the wisdom she’s learned. The tour started in Las Vegas at the Zappos Headquarter, where she also interviewed all the members of Twiddle and the Vermont jam quartet performed an acoustic set.

Over the weekend, Taraleigh Weathers will be in New York City and speaking at two events. On Saturday, April 7th, she will give a talk at The Cutting Room ahead of a headlining performance by Yes Darling, a new side project of Hayley Jane and Ryan Montbleau. Then, on Sunday, April 8th, she will host the Rock Your Life Book Party at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3. This more focused event will feature a discussion, workshop, meet and greet, and performance by singer-songwriter and drummer Noah Lehrman and also includes a signed book with ticket purchase.

Ahead of her two talks in New York City, Taraleigh Weathers shared with Live For Live Music,

When you pour your heart and soul into something and then release that something out into the world, it’s really scary. I was more afraid of everyone reading it as opposed to no one. But everyone’s reading it, and I’m still here to talk about it. And the feedback has been incredible. When people tell me how my book helped them, I leak awesome out of my eyes (a.k.a. cry) every time because I’m so touched that they not only supported me, but they actually read the book and took time out of their day to tell me how it helped them.

You can get tickets to Taraleigh Weathers’ appearance at The Cutting Room with Yes Darling on April 7th here and to the Rock Your Life Book Party on April 8th here. For more information on Taraleigh, her upcoming events, or her newly published book, head to her website here.