Tash Sultana has teamed up with Fender guitars to create their own signature model Stratocaster, the Australian singer-songwriter—who identifies with the pronouns they/them—announced on Thursday. According to Sultana, the new release marks the first-ever Australian to have his or her own signature guitar with the iconic Fender instrument brand.

The guitar comes coated in a striking transparent cherry red finish with all-gold hardware and a four-ply aged white pearl pickguard. Sultana’s custom Strat is also equipped with Yosemite and Double Tap pickups, featuring Alnico 4-equipped single-coils and Fender’s patented humbucking pickups.

While the history of the Fender Stratocaster stretches back to the earliest days of rock n’ roll, Sultana’s model is uniquely their own. Given their frequent use of looping technologies and deep reverberated tones, this model is capable of attaining a wide range of sounds. The instrument’s seemingly-endless possibilities come from the distinct pickup set featuring the Yosemite single coils in the neck and middle positions and a Tim Shaw-designed Double Tap humbucking pickup at the bridge. The five-way selector also allows for maximum control with a master volume and two tone knobs, with one dedicated to the neck and middle pickups and the other equipped with a push-pull pot to access the Double Tap feature on the humbucking bridge pickup.

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Of the instrument’s ornate design, Tash remarked, “I wanted something that looked ‘custom.'” In addition to the guitar’s breathtaking body, the back of the neckplate is emblazoned with Tash’s skull design and their signature adorns the rear of the headstock.

“When I was a kid I had this little plastic red guitar that I used to pretend to shred solos on, fast forward 20 years and now it’s real,” Sultana added in a Facebook post. “To have my own guitar line is something well and truly beyond anything I ever imagined. Thank you Fender and thank you everyone for your love.”

The Tash Sultana Stratocaster from Fender is available now for a modest $1,099. Click here for order information. Scroll down to see an interview with Sultana about the instrument in the video below.

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[Video: Fender]