Tash Sultana has officially released her cover of Shawn James‘ “Through The Valley” on all streaming platforms. Sultana initially recorded the cover in support of the release of The Last of Us Part II videogame.

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James’ song became a hit among fans of The Last of Us when the main character Ellie played it in a bloodsoaked room during the reveal trailer for the “Game of the Year” frontrunner back in 2016. In celebration of the game’s release this year on June 19th, Sultana partnered with PlayStation Australia and released a video of them playing the track in a similar room, albeit with significantly less blood and no dead bodies. Upon sharing the video, Sultana received countless requests to officially release the song, and a month later they did.

“Heard you from around the globe, you wanted this officially released so here you are – ‘Through the Valley – The Last Of Us Part II’ – available on all platforms,” Sultana said in a Facebook post on Friday.

While staying true to the original, Tash adds their own flavor with excellent vocal harmonies on the chilling lyrics and a surf-rock-inspired guitar solo. Below, listen to the official release and check out the original reveal trailer as well as Sultana’s video recording of the song.

Tash Sultana – “Through The Valley – The Last of Us Part II”

The Last of Us Part II Reveal Trailer

[Video: PlayStation]

Tash Sultana – “Through The Valley – The Last of Us Part II” [Official Video]

[Video: Tash Sultana]