Tay Zonday has shared a cover of “Ass Handed” by Phish. The internet sensation behind “Chocolate Rain” was apparently contracted on Cameo to provide the cover.

In a prelude to the song, Zonday connects it to a moment in American Reconstruction Era, a connection that has no doubt been lost on many Phish fans. Zonday asserted,

“Chocolate Rain” is a song that has a lot to do with history, and Phish covered it, and they also have a song called “Ass Handed” which, I presume, has a lot to do about history because some Americans were at one point promised 40 acres and a mule and that never exactly happened. So clearly, this song speaks to that historical moment. How does it go?

After that, Zonday launches into the fan-favorite Jon Fishman quasi-song with his trademark, chocolate-rich voice. After just one run through the song’s four stanzas, Zonday once again commends Phish on their commitment to history and their study of a “liberatory possibility.”

Watch Tay Zonday cover Phish’s “Ass Handed” below:

Tay Zonday – “Ass Handed” (Phish)

[Video: Scott Bernstein]

This is not the first time that Phish has crossed paths with Zonday, as whoever commissioned this masterpiece surely remembers. During the Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden in 2017, Phish covered “Chocolate Rain” on the “Double Chocolate“-themed sixth night of the 13-show residency. In a (mostly) a cappella rendition of the YouTube classic, the band even imitated Zonday’s iconic steps away from the microphone to breathe.

Phish – “Chocolate Rain” (Tay Zonday)

[Video: LazyLightning55a]

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