The Avett Brothers were the featured guests on Saturday’s episode of CBS This Morning, where the trio performed tracks from their latest album, The Third Gleam. The performance saw brothers Seth and Scott Avett joined by bassist Bob Crawford for “The Fire”, “I Go To My Heart”, and “Untitled #4” for the Saturday Sessions segment.

Released back in August, The Third Gleam saw the Avetts return for the third installment of the Gleam series—which began in 2006 and was continued in 2008. This new eight-song collection featured the brothers’ eponymous group scaling down operations to their early days as a trio with impressive and nostalgia-inducing results.

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Beginning the Saturday Session with “Untitled #4”, Scott Avett takes centerstage for the ode to the contentment found in small town America. Even the group’s rural performance space beside a tree and in front of a shed furthers the return-to-roots strategy highlighted throughout The Third Gleam. Next up came a rendition of “I Go To My Heart”. This Scott-led tune sees the older Avett take the reigns on the storytelling while Seth and Crawford come in with light strumming accompaniments.

On the final selection for their Saturday Sessions performance, The Avetts went with “The Fire”. This song whittled down the trio into just a solo endeavor from Seth who took over the tune on dobro guitar. While Scott and Bob stare off with faraway eyes, Seth brings the session to a reflective close with the song’s humble lyricism.

Watch The Avett Brothers perform tracks from The Third Gleam for CBS This Morning.

The Avett Brothers – “Untitled #4”

[Video: CBS This Morning]

The Avett Brothers – “I Go To My Heart”

[Video: CBS This Morning]

The Avett Brothers – “The Fire”

[Video: CBS This Morning]