On Friday, ever-evolving Denver funk-soul outfit The Motet shared a brand new instrumental single, “False Prophets”, along with some important news: vocalist Lyle Divinsky and trumpeter Parris Fleming will be leaving the band and pursuing their own creative paths.

The Motet—Dave Watts (drums), Joey Porter (keys), Garrett Sayers (bass), Ryan Jalbert (guitar), and Drew Sayers (keys/saxophone)—noted in an official statement that they wish Divinsky and Fleming well on their future endeavors and look forward to hearing their respective voices again very soon.

Divinsky shared his gratitude for his time in The Motet in a lengthy Instagram post.

“The Motet are my brothers for life,” he wrote. “The community is my family forever. I love these guys to my core and cherish every moment we spent together on and off stage over these past 5 years. I could not be more grateful for all of the memories and music we’ve made together – for every mile traveled, every note played, every lyric, every smile, every struggle, every lesson learned… it’s part of who I am now. The community they built has become my community, my family. It is an absolute honor to be a part of The Motet legacy, and I am so excited to see and hear the incredible things they have in store. They will continue to crush, to inspire, and to keep booties shaking for decades to come.”

As Drew Sayers says of the new development in The Motet’s story,

As a byproduct of the global pandemic, many of us – in the music world and across all walks of life – have moved in different directions to embrace this new reality. Lyle and Parris are our brothers. They’re a part of our extended musical family. They’re a part of the legacy. They’re a part of the sound’s evolution over the last twenty years. Even though they’re leaving the lineup, their influence isn’t going away. When I think about what we have right now, the sound that Dave and Garrett have forged is untouchable. The amount of shows played and experiences they’ve had with Ryan and Joey is unbelievable. It’s just so special. The history of The Motet has always been about change. It’s the one constant. This band has withstood every bit of adversity thrown at it—and continues to play.” 

Adds The Motet founder Dave Watts,

Most importantly, Lyle and Parris will always be members of The Motet family. I want to make this clear: The Motet are NOT breaking up. We are here, and we’re happy to present new music today. We’re not trying to become an instrumental group, though. We’re actively seeking out a new vocalist and have just started the process of exploring potential options. We’re optimistic about what the future holds and what we can create. We’re moving forward, and we’re still The Motet.

In keeping with that forward motion, the new single “False Prophets” marks another dawn for the group. The nearly six-minute instrumental hinges on dancefloor-ready synthesizer transmissions, a swaggering beat, and a shimmering bridge. It builds towards a glorious sonic climax with an unshakable bounce.

“Right now, we’re switching gears, trying things, and embracing different styles, concepts, and genres of music. We’re in a new groove,” adds Watts. “‘False Prophets’ is open for interpretation, but I think it certainly relates to some of the things happening in America these days.” It also hints at an influx of tunes—The Motet have been experimenting with more instrumentals, talkbox, and a few surprise guest vocalists for new releases on the horizon.

Listen to “False Prophets” by The Motet on the platform of your choice here or stream it via Spotify below:

The Motet – “False Prophets”

Despite the distance and lack of touring, The Motet reconvened remotely for virtual festival Quarantine Comes Alive and Justice Comes Alive.

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