Update: The location of the event is 405 west 39th St. b/w 9th and 10th Ave.

Live for Live Music and Mr. Bugsly Presents are thrilled to bring you the return of Telepath.  After taking some time off, Telepath will return to the live music scene with a special late-night show, dubbed “After the Bloom” w/ Aligning Minds, Ink Line, and The Brown Belt providing support.  On the heels of the new album Crush, producer/multi-instrumentalist Michael Christie is ready to bring Telepath’s “Reworld” sound back to the stage.

Along with its featured vocalists (who hail from India, Jamaica, West Africa, and the U.S.), Crush also features over a dozen guest instrumentalists — further adding to the album’s “global collective” aesthetic. A work that is at once accessible and unclassifiable, Crush represents a pinnacle achievement in Michael’s career, and a new peak in the evolution of the Telepath sound.

The location of this event is secret until the day of the show.  But it will be located within 5 blocks of the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square.  Only 200 tickets will be sold prior to the show, so be sure to get your tickets ASAP.  If you choose to wait (which we do not recommend), make sure to RSVP so you receive the location of this very special show and aren’t left out in the cold guessing where to go.

To receive the location of the show, RSVP here

To purchase tickets (only 200 on sale) so you don’t have a problem getting in, click this link