Last night at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, The Disco Biscuits opened with the first of three Road to Camp Bisco shows, which will also see them play tonight at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ, and tomorrow at Sayreville, NJ’s Starland Ballroom.  Being the first US shows of 2012 for the band, fans have been eagerly anticipating these shows since they were announced several weeks ago.

In a recent interview with, bassist Marc Brownstein elaborated a bit on the future of the Disco Biscuits, and why they have collectively taken some time off as a band, explaining that “The Biscuits don’t break up. We take time off until everybody is ready to play again.”  With the Biscuits in their 16th year of existence, the strategy is that “it’s almost more sustainable to play less shows—less is more. I’m sorry, Mississippi and Arkansas.”

With an extremely fickle fan base to cater to, it seems like these guys have finally reached a place in which they are comfortable, and aren’t trying to explain much beyond that.  And with the demanding schedule that constant touring brings, some in-house battles are almost a given; so why go down that road again?   The chatter of these shows, that will lead into what is sure to be yet another epic Camp, has been of nothing but sheer excitement and anticipation to see some pure, unadulterated Bisco.  And last night was the beginning to that yellow-brick road, which leads right into our very own Land of Oz, up in Mariaville, NY at Indian Lookout Country Club.  Here’s to the hope that this plan of attack brings some seriously inspired Biscuits back to where they belong.

Here is a look at last night’s set list from the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC:

Set 1:  Helix Fake Out>King of the World, Aceetobee>Tricycle>Aceetobee, Mindless Dribble>Helicopters

Set 2:  Resurrection>Story of the World, Voices Insane>Morph Dusselfdorf>Abraxas>Morph Dusseldorf, I-MAN

Encore:  Frog Legs