New Orleans-based band The Revivalists are a favorite amongst many. Beyond their impressive musicianship, the group’s versatile songwriting skills are what set them apart from a lot of touring bands. Like most music enthusiasts, the seven-piece sought out the perfect way to pay respect to a fallen idol, the late David Bowie. They did so in song.

Today, they released a sneak-peak preview of what to expect of their newest song, entitled “Bowie”. The smooth-grooving tribute piece is mellow, yet punctual; cool, but weird; spacey, yet grounded. The 54-second clip offers an exciting reason to attend the band’s next show on February 5 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, where they will debut the finished product. Very limited tickets remain here.

“I had been seeing quite a few people covering his material which is great, but I thought…hmmmm… I think I’d like to write a song for him. It just seemed like the right thing to do (especially when honoring such a creative genius),” said David Shaw of the new song. “I brought Rob [Ingraham] in on the song as a writer because I know he’s a Bowie fanatic and could bring an interesting perspective and realness to the song and story. And he did just that!” 



The chorus goes:

Everyone wants to be just like you
Everyone wants to do the things you do
Everyone wants to be alive in stars

Maybe some day there’ll be life on mars,
Maybe some day you’ll be alive in the stars 

Tonight, you can catch members of The Revivalists at The Howlin’ Wolf for their side-project throwdown, featuring members of Naughty Professor and Cardinal Sons. The full lineup includes pedal steel guitarist Ed Williams’ project, RumpelSTEELskin, with Cardinal Sons drummer David Shirley and additional members of the Revivalists. Space and Harmony will also be performing, a group featuring Revivalists bassist George Gekasand saxophonist Rob Ingraham. They’ll be joined by Bill Daniel and Sam Shahin from Naughty Professor, and Revivalists guitarist Zack Feinberg and friends will be sitting in throughout!

Additionally, one dollar from every ticket purchased online will go to support Emily’s Entouragea non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Tickets to the show are available here.