The Democratic National Convention came to a dramatic close last night, with thousands of balloons descending on the room in celebration of Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the presidency. With the Clintons on stage, former President Bill Clinton seemed to be enjoying himself quite a lot with the newfound balloon influx on stage.

Cue the music! notmkdevo has been on point with his Phish/National Convention mash-ups over the last two weeks, and this new video is no exception. During the 90’s, Phish debuted a concept called the “Big Ball Jam,” where giant inflatable balls were passed out around the crowd. Each ball represented a band member, who would jam along with the motion of the big ball as it was passed around the crowd. With a little editing magic, one of these “Big Ball Jam” tracks makes the perfect audio companion to a montage of Bill Clinton having fun with balloons.

Without further ado, here’s the “Big Bill Jam” for you to enjoy. Happy Friday!