As you’ve probably heard and seen by now, TomorrowWorld Festival made headlines over the weekend with organizers forced to deny entry to single-day ticket buyers on Sunday, due to the overwhelming amount of rain and muddy conditions that overwhelmed festival grounds. Not only that, but thousands were left to fend for themselves at one point, as festival organizers stopped allowing shuttles, taxis and Uber drivers into designated pick-up spots due to the conditions. Some attendees trying to leave on Saturday night had to walk over 10 miles through a forest to get to transportation, while others ended up sleeping in the rain with no shelter. It left many a festival-goer with a bad taste in their mouth.

Now, thanks to Dancing Astronaut, footage has surfaced of the aftermath of TomorrowWorld camping and the tremendous amount of garbage left behind. Take a look:  


The campsite after TomorrowWorld

People left a lot of perfectly good camping gear at TomorrowWorld

Posted by Dancing Astronaut on Monday, September 28, 2015

Let’s hope TomorrowWorld hired a good cleanup crew!

[Video taken by Donald Roof]