This year’s The Peach Music Festival may not have gone quite as smoothly, were it not for the local law enforcement in Moosic, PA. Three individuals who tried to swipe VIP passes worth over $100,000 in value were caught, and subsequently arrested, by the Moosic Police.

While many choose to camp out at Montage Mountain, the site of Peach Fest, others chose to stay at the nearby Holiday Inn. In one such room, Peach Fest staff were assigned to hand out VIP credential bracelets to performers and their crews. While two of the three thieves distracted the woman handing out the bracelets, the third ran in and stole a packet with dozens of them inside. 

The three men, David Stone, Kiel Sheppard and Miguel Vergara, were later caught on the festival grounds and subsequently arrested. Authorities said that the men were wearing the stolen festival bracelets inside the venue. If you’re going to steal tickets to a festival, it’s probably best to not get high on your own supply.

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