Over Labor Day Weekend, Phish will return to Colorado, finishing off their summer with their annual three-night run at Broomfield’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. In celebration of the upcoming Phish Dick’s weekend, Phish lyricist and Amfibian founder and songwriter Tom Marshall has teamed up with a premium cannabis edible company, 1906, for two limited-edition collaborations—a collaboration that came about after Marshall hosted 1906’s CEO, Peter Barsoom, on his State Of The Garden podcast.

The two upcoming cannabis chocolate collaborations utilize Tom Marshall’s favorite and 1906’s two most show-friendly products, Go Beans (for energy) and Bliss Cups (for happiness). The Amfibian-edition 1906 Go Beans use “a special blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis for alertness and energy,” with each package containing 20 beans individually dosed at 5mg CBD/THC each. For the Amfibian-edition Bliss Cups, each delicious peanut butter cup, which are packaged in packs of two, combine four euphoria-inducing plant medicines with 5 mg THC/CBD each. Furthermore, each of Tom Marshall and 1906’s Phish Dick’s collaborations are packaged in a special Amfibian-inspired design to honor the run.

Outside of this limited-edition collaboration, 1906 will also be teaming with Amfibian for a special “Bliss Lounge”, a special installation space created by Ideaison on the lot at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, next weekend on Saturday and Sunday. While there will be no product sales or consumption in the lounge, the pre-show Moroccan-themed chill space offers a laidback setting to decompress in addition to access to a custom photo booth and Phish-inspired makeup artistry. Plus, all proceeds from face painting will go to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), a non-profit dedicated to developing “medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.”

The special-edition 1906 Bliss Cups and Go Beans go on sale this Monday, August 27th, at eight to ten stores around the Denver area. Special orange-tinted Bliss sunglasses will also be available as a gift with purchases of $50 or more. To find participating stores or for more information on the upcoming Bliss Lounge on lot at Phish Dick’s next weekend, head to 1906’s Instagram, @1906newhighs.