TOOL has finally shared the first single and title track to appear on the rock band’s forthcoming studio album, Fear Inoculum, due out later this month on August 30th via Tool Dissectional/Volcano/RCA. The release of “Fear Inoculum” on Wednesday acts as the first new original recording from the band since their 10,000 Days studio LP arrived in May 2006.

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The song, which stretches out to a hard-hitting 10:21 minutes in length, hears the rock band open with haunting cello lines which bounce back and forth before light drum patterns and distortion chime in to add extra depth to the music as it gets up to speed. The song really begins to pick up shortly after the 1:35-minute mark when the rest of the band begins to come in followed shortly thereafter by Maynard James Keenan‘s vocals.

Listen to the brand new “Fear Inoculum” in full below.

TOOL – Fear Inoculum

[Video: TOOL]

TOOL spent some time on tour this past spring, where they even debuted some of the new material set to appear on their forthcoming album. The band has no concert dates planned for the coming months aside from their scheduled appearance at Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival in early October, signifying the band may hit the road in promotion of their first album in 13 years.

Last week, TOOL also finally released their back catalog on streaming services for fans to enjoy.