This past Friday, Trey Anastasio brought his marathon Beacon Jams series to a close. Over the course of eight weeks, the Phish frontman delivered more than 150 unique songs with no repeats backed by a variety of talented musicians, all while raising money for an addiction treatment center in Vermont.

One of the other hallmarks of The Beacon Jams, aside the eponymous venue, was Trey’s regular interaction with the audience tuning in each week. The virtual residency aired exclusively on Twitch, which allowed Trey to respond to fans in the live chat in real-time. With a setup of screens in front of him, the guitarist read comments between songs, acknowledged donations, and engaged in plenty of banter with his fellow bandmates from Trey Anastasio Band, Ghosts of the Forest, and more.

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After most songs, fans could count on Big Red exclaiming, “Ah, man!” as he looked at the comment section. Between his gasps, his laughs, his butchering of people’s names, and the like, Trey’s exclamations added some levity to the proceedings, helping make this somewhat somber engagement—a pandemic-dictated run at an empty theater focused on the nightmare of drug addiction—feel like a joyous occasion.

Following the series’ conclusion on Friday, YouTube user KernelForbin got to work on a compilation of Trey’s reactions from throughout the eight-week run. While there’s surely enough footage for future Beacon Jams banter supercuts of Trey and the gang talking about spatchcocking or how Ray Paczkowski grabs the skunk by the tail, this video takes a simpler approach, highlighting the unabashed gratitude and excitement that made The Beacon Jams such a personal experience for fans.

Watch the compilation of Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams reactions below and check out our full coverage of all eight weeks of The Beacon Jams here.

Trey Anastasio Reactions – The Beacon Jams

[Video: KernelForbin]