In a new interview with Billboard, Jerry Garcia’s daughter Trixie Garcia spoke extensively about “Fare Thee Well”, touching on everything from the planning to the rainbow at Santa Clara and more.

Perhaps one of the most revealing tidbits from the interview: the ‘Fare Thee Well’ guys very nearly went with a Jerry Garcia hologram for the shows. “We came very close to making the Jerry hologram… I met with people and was very interested in trying to make the Jerry hologram where he appears for a couple seconds — like a rainbow.” She explains that it would have been too complicated to bring the hologram on the road. “It just didn’t work out… It was too much.”

We can’t help but wonder if the Jerry hologram idea was inspired by this April Fools article from 2014.

Mainly, though, the interview focuses on Trixie Garcia’s overwhelming emotion that accompanies the concerts. She was only 20 years old when her father passed away, and the atmosphere allows for her father’s presence to be “absolutely” felt. “How could you not when there’s 50,000 people channeling him?”

She continued, talking about the general vibe at the venue.”It’s an amazing thing to be a part of — a stadium floor of love and good vibes and so many other positive changes going on in the outside world last week with gay marriage and healthcare… It’s powerful, transformative energy for, like, humanity”

She talks about her personal experience at Santa Clara, saying “I’m in production mode so I’m looking at Trey and hoping he’s not feeling weird, and that Bruce gets a good shot on the video monitor. When I sit down and listen to the music, it gets very emotional very fast so I have to distract myself with other things.”

Trixie Garcia also gives credit to Pete Shapiro for getting the whole thing together. “Pete is the guy who was able to do it. I had always hoped because all the guys are still around and playing music and it’s been a time of nostalgia for everybody and here we are thanks to Pete. He is really the one. He is magical.”

As for what to expect in Chicago, well, Garcia expects it to be more of the same greatness. “People were saying they thought he was being timid but there’s a lot of great musicians on stage and the mark of a good musician is not trying to hog all the stage time. He’s a conscientious guy and I hope by the 4th he starts being a little pushier.”

Better start getting pushier, Trey! Fare Thee Well resumes in Chicago tomorrow. If you’re heading to the shows, be sure to read this article with all the rules and regulations, and also be sure to check out our Complete Guide To Grateful Dead Chicago Pre- And Post-Parties.