Turkuaz has shared live footage of “Chatte Lunatique” from the band’s new concert film, None’s A Ton.

“Chatte Lunatique” opens the film, which came out March 31st, by throwing viewers into the technicolor power funk that is or was, Turkuaz. The film serves as a part-time capsule for Turkuaz’s iconic color scheme which the band recently shed and reverted to a simple four-tone aesthetic. This visual, and resulting musical departure from past traditions is evident on the band’s latest EP, Kuadrochrome.

As the lights come up on the infectious disco-dance riff, the familiar sights and sounds of a Turkuaz concert all come into focus. Ordinarily, at a Turkuaz show, there is so much going on that you can’t possibly see it all, but None’s A Ton solves that problem. With multiple camera angles capturing every choreographed and synchronized move from each band member, the video gives viewers the kind of vantage point not even attainable on the rail. The band moves through the tale of the titular crazy cat and gives frontman Dave Brandwein a chance to show off his French skills. This all leads up to a driven guitar solo from Craig Brodhead that brings the song to a satisfying end.

Brandwein, who also co-directed the film with his wife Dani, said of the video, “With everyone cooped up inside—during what we call this ‘Kuarantine’—it seemed appropriate  to share this clip now, as I think we’re all feeling a little ‘Lunatique’.”

Watch “Chatte Lunatique” from the new Turkuaz concert film, None’s A Ton.

Turkuaz – “Chatte Lunatique” – None’s A Ton: A Turkuaz Concert Film

[Video: Turkuaz]

None’s A Ton is currently available to rent or buy through Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Marketplace, and Vimeo On Demand. The film’s soundtrack was also released today and captures all 100 minutes of the multicolor magic of Turkuaz in None’s A Ton. The film and album are also available to purchase through the band’s website.