Last night, Turkuaz hit Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, performing at the Sherman Theater for a crowd of eager, rainbow-clad fans. The highly anticipated performance doubled as the filming for Brooklyn funk outfit’s debut concert film, directed by Andy Laviolette, who is also known for directing fan-favorite concert films for Snarky Puppy. The intimate evening featured two sets, drawing on classic favorites from across the band’s catalog, with the film meant to take a snapshot of where the band is at this current point in time and capture the group’s tremendous, energetic live shows in a lasting way.

As Shira Elias told us in a recent interview (that will be released later this week) ahead of the filming,

I think we’re all super excited, and we don’t know 100% what to expect. There’s a little bit of anticipation; we’re creating this thing that’s going to be lasting, hopefully, for a long time, and sort of represent this past era of Turkuaz, you know what I mean? It’s been building, and we’ve been working super hard at this era, and obviously, we’re trying to move forward and shoot up to the future and the next level—whatever the future of Turkuaz is going to be. So I think it’s almost nostalgic, and we’re sort of trying to represent and capture what Turkuaz has been in the past and where it came from at this time. We think we just want it to be genuine and just be like, “This is us, this is who we are,” and ultimately create that live party vibe and the energy of it all.

You can check out some pictures from last night’s show and concert-film taping below, courtesy of Capacity Images.

Setlist: Turkuaz | Sherman Theater | Stroudsburg, PA | 9/7/2018

Set One: Chatte Lunatique, Coast To Coast, Future 86, Percy Thrills The Moondog, One & Lonely, Famous, Holy Ghost, Murder Face, Tiptoe Through The Crypto, Snap Your Fingers, Superstatic, The Generator, Picking Up, Back To Normal

Set Two: Typa-Lika, The Mountain, Rule The World, Fall Asleep, Lady Lovely, Nightswimming, 20 Dollar Chill, EFN, Life In The City, Winner, Lookin’ Tough, Gogo, M’Lady, Monkey Fingers

Encore: Bubba Slide