Turkuaz has expanded its reach beyond music and into television with the launch of the Hey You, Stay Tuned! variety show. The program features the nine-piece Brooklyn-bred funk ensemble competing in a Hollywood Squares style game show alongside archival footage and videos.

The show, launched on Tuesday, features Turkuaz alongside comedian Brett Siddell who acts as the announcer with SiriusXM DJ Ari Fink playing the role of host. The first episode also featured guest appearances from Andy Frasco and Lettuce‘s Eric “Benny” Bloom.

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In an homage to the 1960’s game show that the vast majority of their fans don’t remember, Turkuaz gives Hey You, Stay Tuned! the full vintage treatment complete with costumes, grainy footage, and the fake set from the classic game show. The first episode starts on a strong note with fake introductions for the band where fans learn such interesting facts such as Dave Brandwein was the inventor of the piano key necktie, Shira Elias beat Neal Armstrong to the moon but didn’t want the attention, Greg Sanderson was the inspiration for Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and plenty of other faux tidbits.

Between all of the game show fanfare, Turkuaz also premiered footage from the band’s recent concert film, None’s A Ton. The clips capture the band’s performances of “Nightswimming” and “Coast To Coast”, which haven’t been available outside of the movie until now.

Watch the first installment of Turkuaz’s new variety show, Hey You, Stay Tuned!

Turkuaz — Hey You, Stay Tuned! Episode 1

[Video: Turkuaz]

Turkuaz was one of the 50+ artists who partook in Justice Comes Alive this past Sunday, which was a one-day, donation-based livestream event. The event garnered over 100,000 views across all platforms and raised more than $55,000 for the participating artists as well as the Plus1 For Black Lives Fund, which distributes funds to organizations including Equal Justice InitiativeImpact Justice, and The Bail Project. Keep an eye on the Justice Comes Alive Facebook page for a re-release of Turkuaz’s performance at Justice Comes Alive.