Turkuaz charges forward into their next exciting phase, as the nine-piece power funk band celebrates the release of their new Kuadrochrome EP, out today via Electric Habitat.

The four-track Kuadrochrome includes the previously-released single “Heat Drop”, along with three new tracks “Snap Your Fingers”, “Typa”, and “The Ballad of Castor Troy”.

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The band made headlines with the EP’s announcement earlier this month when it was revealed they were ditching their trademark rainbow color scheme in favor of a new look.

“As autumn continues to set in, the change around us is impossible to ignore,” Turkuaz frontman Dave Brandwein mentioned with the album’s initial announcement. “As with all aspects of life, nothing ever stays the same. Things come and go, and change itself is the only thing we can all count on.”

The new “era” of Turkuaz will serve as a “visual palate cleanser,” ushering in a new black/white/grey/tan look for the band. As the press release notes, “Turkuaz is excited to keep things fresh, both for themselves and the fans, as they look forward to the future.”

Turkuaz will begin The Kuadrochrome Tour early next month with a performance at The Warehouse FTC in Fairfield, CT on December 5th. The tour will continue throughout the end of the year and into 2020 before wrapping in early February. Head to the band’s website for tickets and tour info.

Stream the band’s new Kuadrochrome EP in full via the Spotify player below.

Turkuaz – Kuadrochrome