Twiddle’s 4th annual Tumble Down Music Festival took place this past weekend at Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT featuring performances by Stephen Marley, Turkuaz, Ghost Light, Kitchen Dwellers, and many more. The festival’s host band played five total sets over the two days, taking attendees on a journey through the origins of characters in their songs. In addition to sharing the backstories of the tunes, Twiddle debuted new, never-before-performed extended verses for the songs in question throughout the weekend.

Twiddle started their weekend performances off with a special acoustic set featuring fan favorites including “Earth Mama”, “Hattie’s Jam”, and “When It Rains it Pours”. As fans waited patiently for the band to begin their next set, the voice of Colonel Norco came over the festival P.A. to give the official Tumble Down speech in hopes of setting the tone for what the band had in store for the two nights. When the band came out for their second set, they busted right into “Orlando’s”, “Grandpa Fox”, “Apples” (featuring Todd Stoops on keys) and “Mamunes the Faun” before closing with “Every Soul”.

As the set break came to an end before their final set of Friday evening, the voice returned to the P.A. to give fans the “Jamflowman” origin story as a way to lead the band right into the Natural Evolution Of Consciousness original, which included the debut of an extended verse that ended the character’s life as fans knew it before. The band also invited long-time friends Dave Grippo and Steve Girardi to play on “Lost in the Cold” and “When it Rains it Pours”, respectively, throughout the two sets.

Watch the entire Twiddle performance from night one of Tumble Down below:

Twiddle – Tumble Down Music Festival Night One – 7/26/2019

The excitement continued into night two as fans waited to see if the band would continue to explore other characters from songs they’ve played since the early days of their career. As fans were getting ready for Saturday’s opening set to begin, the voice returned over the P.A. with a brief background on “The Fantastic Tale of Ricky Snickle” from Plump (Chapters 1 & 2) LP.  The performance of the tune ended with another never-before-played additional verse.

Twiddle welcomed in an array of guests throughout their Saturday performance, including Kitchen Dwellers during “Visions of Mohr”. As the band left the stage for ahead of the encore for their final set, the voice came over the P.A. one last time to give fans the origin of one of their biggest fan favorites, “Frankenfoote”. The tune had been retired for many years before being reintroduced to the nightly setlists starting with their 2018 Red Rocks Amphitheatre performance. Following the backstory, the band returned to the stage one last time for a “Franekenfoote” encore which once again included a never-before-played extended verse.

Watch the band’s performance from Saturday night below:

Twiddle – Tumble Down Music Festival Night Two – 7/27/2019

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Setlist: Twiddle | Tumble Down Music Festival | Waterfront Park | Burlington, VT | 7/26/2019

Set One: Glycerine Medley, Earth Mama, Five, Wildfire, Fat Country Baby, Hattibagen McRat, Hattie’s Jam1> When It Rains It Pours1

Set Two: Enter2> Orlando’s, Amydst The Myst, Doinkinbonk!!!, Grandpa Fox3> Apples4> Mamunes The Faun> Every Soul

Set Three: Jamflowman5> Subconscious Prelude> Nicodemus Portulay, Milk, Lost In The Cold6

Encore: River Drift

1 w/Steve Girardi
2 w/Colonel Norco Tumble Down Speech over Venue PA
3 Unfinished
4 w/ Todd Stoops
5 w/Jamflowman Origin Story / New Verse. First time done.
6 w/ Dave Grippo

Setlist: Twiddle | Tumble Down Music Festival | Waterfront Park | Burlington, VT | 7/27/2019

Set One: The Fantastic Tale Of Ricky Snickle1, Syncopated Healing2, Machine, Visions Of Mohr3, Latin Tang, Beethoven and Greene

Set Two: Polluted Beauty4,5, Gatsby The Great> Zazu’s Flight> Grandpa Fox, Be There

Encore: Frankenfoote1

1 w/ pre-recorded origin intro
2 w/ Jaden Carlson
3 w/ Kitchen Dwellers
4 w/ Todd Stoops
5 w/ Zach Nugent