Tycho has announced the release of a new LP, entitled Simulcast. The new album will see the electronic outfit, headed by producer Scott Hansen, return to its instrumental roots after the experimentation on the previous album Weather, the first from the project to feature a vocalist.

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Hansen said in a statement that the concepts explored on Weather influenced the making of the new record.

A Simulcast is the transmission of a program across different mediums and in different languages. With these two albums I wanted to present the same ideas in two languages, one more literal and the other more open to interpretation. Simulcast expands on the concepts laid out in Weather but shifts into the abstract with instrumental soundscapes in place of lyrics, opening up a visual space and translating the message into a new language.

Along with the announcement of Simulcast, which is due out February 28th from Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop, Tycho released a single, “Outer Sunset”.

The single confirms what Hansen said about shifting “into the abstract with instrumental soundscapes,” and displays more of the classic Tycho that fans have become acquainted with. As a drum machine provides the song’s base, a simple reverb guitar riff builds another layer of the song structure. Eventually, a keyboard comes in to put the final overlay to complete song structure, before the instruments gently roll back, much like the waves in the video.

Listen to “Outer Sunset” from the forthcoming Tycho album Simulcast.

Tycho – “Outer Sunset”

[Video: Tycho]

Tycho is back on the road February 3rd for a run of three shows across California in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and Oakland before embarking on a world tour through March. The group will then return to the United States for a performance at iii Points Festival in Miami, FL May 1st and resume an American tour. Tickets and dates are available here.

Tycho Simulcast