After months of speculation, reports, and not-so-subtle nods, U2 appears ready to finally announce its residency at Las Vegas’ MSG Sphere with an ad during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday.

On Friday, a representative for the band shared an image showing the Las Vegas skyline. Amidst the glitz and glamour of Sin City is the proposed MSG Sphere, an immersive rounded venue with the world’s largest LED screen on the outside, with a baby’s head inside. A message accompanying the image reads, “Something is coming… Tune in for a special ad this Super Bowl Sunday to see more.”

The teaser also includes a link to a new website,, which as of this publication just shows a larger image of the baby, the Sphere, and the skyline.

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Billboard and the Las Vegas Review-Journal have reported that U2 will open the venue, though neither the band nor MSG Sphere has confirmed any bookings. Last month at the Preview Las Vegas conference, the venture’s CEO Lucas Watson sidestepped questions about whether U2 would open the Sphere in September. Back in November, frontman Bono said in an interview that, “if it happens,” the multi-sensory performances at the venue—which is equipped with immersive sound with 164,300 channels on the inside—would focus on 1991’s Achtung Baby.

Earlier in January on the Will ArnetJason Bateman, and Sean Hayes SmartLess podcast, Bono said of the yet-unconfirmed performances, “If we do sign off on this, I will say that if we can pull off what we’re talking about, it’s not like anything we’ve ever done before. It’s nothing like Las Vegas has ever seen before.”

Tune in to Super Bowl LVII on Sunday for a special announcement from U2.