During ESPN’s Around The Horn today, the show led by Tony Reali showed some love to Umphrey’s McGee, using Umphrey’s new single, “The Silent Type”, off of their upcoming album it’s not us as outro music during a break. During the show, Reali poked fun at the song due to its low volume on air, noting “Fellas, we gotta call it ‘The Muted’ if this is around the horn. Come on now!”

However, Reali and Umphrey’s McGee have a longstanding great relationship, especially considering that the band’s members are such huge sports fans. Around The Horn has been using a theme song revamped by the Chicago prog jammers since 2014, and Reali has also sat in with the band a handful of times over the years.

You can check out the clip from Around The Horn below, which UM posted on their Twitter page earlier this morning.