Umphrey’s McGee has announced a pair of live performances, set to take place at Boondock Studios. The shows, dubbed “Live In The Boondocks”, will feature all six members performing together, live on June 10th and 11th at 9 p.m. ET.

So far, members of Umphrey’s have satiated fans with a steady stream of webcasts of previous concerts, as well as personal live streams from individual members. Brendan Bayliss‘ “Wine Not” stream as well as Joel Cummins‘ “Live From The Living Room” have become a weekly engagement for fans everywhere, and both recently took part in virtual music festival Quarantine Comes Alive.

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As noted in an announcement posted to the band’s website, the “Live In The Boondocks” stream appears to have all the trimmings of a real, no-fooling live concert from the entire band, together again at last—not a previously recorded concert, not six different videos of each member performing separately, edited together later.

The band stated, “We are reuniting this week to play, to write, and to hang (safely).” This is among the first instances we’ve seen so far of a band of UM’s stature getting together to play an actual “show” for a streaming-only audience, and could indicate another big step forward as artists adapt to life in the time of coronavirus. Read the band’s full announcement below,

For creatures of habit who have spent the better part of 22 years playing together, three unplanned months away can feel like an eternity. We are reuniting this week to play, to write, and to hang (safely). And we thought you may want to join us.

Step inside Boondock Studios for a pair of intimate evenings of who knows what. Live streams will start at 9:00 pm ET on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Songs will be played. You shan’t regret it.

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