After gathering dust in a box for over 50 years, fan-shot footage of Led Zeppelin‘s famed 1970 concert at The Forum has appeared online. The seven minutes of 8mm footage come from the September 4th concert that later circulated as On Blueberry Hill, one of rock’s first bootlegs.

The footage was shot by fan Eddie Vincent who snuck his Kodak Brownie 8mm camera into the arena.

“When my friends and I got to the Forum, I tucked it under my jacket,” Vincent said in the introduction to the footage. “There weren’t any problems at the door back in those days. The seats were excellent, first row behind the stage. We were behind John Bonham’s gong, so you couldn’t really see him much, but the sound was great.”

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The wind-up camera could only film 30 seconds of footage at a time, but what he caught were segments of “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, “Thank You”, “What Is And What Should Never Be”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Some Other Guy”, and “Lemon Song”, as well as organ and theremin solos. Vincent was inspired to finally release the footage after seeing some bootleg video of The Who that looked similar to some film he had of the band.

Vincent connected with video bootleg trader John Waters to digitally transfer his Who footage, and before long he opened up his stash of Zeppelin. It was then that Waters looped in a French Zeppelin expert and audio synchronizer named Etienne Marchand who identified the exact moments Vincent captured of the 106-minute concert and then synced it to On Blueberry Hill, creating the video available now on YouTube.

“To write ourselves into a little bit of Led Zeppelin history is an honor,” Waters told Classic Rock. “The music needs to be out there. I know a lot of collectors and traders that don’t give their stuff away, and that’s a shame to me. Music’s to be shared, and today you need it to get away from the crazy world. And if this film brings a lot of people happiness, hey, we did a good job.”

LED ZEPPELIN LIVE – LA Forum Sept. 4, 1970 “Blueberry Hill” – THE FILM

Vincent returned to The Forum when Led Zeppelin came back the next year, camera and microphone once again tucked under his jacket. While he was able to get through security again, he had a bit more trouble getting bootleg footage this time.

“I had a little mic I put on a floor stand under my seat,” says Vincent. “I guess at some point the light shined off this mic, and all of a sudden [Led Zeppelin manager] Peter Grant was by the side of the stage looking at me, and then he started walking over. I was thinking ‘Oh no!’, and he walked right up to me and started pulling at my microphone. You can hear it all on the tape. Finally you hear him go, ‘You’re not allowed to tape the concert’, and it goes dead.”

Grant later returned Vincent’s equipment. Among other things, Led Zeppelin was notorious for not recording video of its concerts due to bootlegging concerns. Little live footage of the band exists, which makes Vincent’s video all the more special. In 2003, the band compiled what video was out there and released the Led Zeppelin DVD, ironically calling on bootleggers to fill in the gaps with their fan-shot footage.